Does anyone really like spring cleaning? It’s a big job! Get it done faster and with less frustration by avoiding these typical mistakes:

  1. Cleaning without a plan
  2. Not tidying up and decluttering first
  3. Randomly cleaning around the room
  4. Vacuuming before you’ve dusted and brushed
  5. Turning on the TV
  6. Using the same cleaning rag throughout the house
  7. Not emptying/cleaning the vacuum
  8. Not opening the windows
  9. Mixing cleaners which could be toxic
  10. Back tracking for supplies

What’s the easiest way to avoid spring cleaning mistakes? Hire the pros at Organize It! Our cleaning and organizing techs are trained to clean/tidy efficiently and effectively, know how to properly care for your home and possessions, and can save you precious time. We recommend that everyone have one top to bottom deluxe deep cleaning every year, customers included! Call us now for a spot on our spring cleaning schedule.

Happy Spring from Organize It!

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