The COVID-19 pandemic has scene changes in life for money people. One of the most unexpected changes is in the realm of interior design. Tons of Americans have used this home time to declutter, reorganize, and rethink. 

The 20th century was a very maximalist century, focused on accumulating as many things as possible. However, the 21st century, with its reliance on experience and sharing social experiences, has taught us that sometimes, less is more. 

Have you been thinking about how to declutter a home? Then the minimal living philosophy might just be right for you. 

Home organization can have many mental health benefits, and overall make your house a more pleasant place to be in. When a house feels pleasant to be in, it makes the transition into becoming a home. 

Not quite convinced yet? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the reasons why you should embrace decluttering, and teach you how to declutter along the way. 

You’ll Improve Your Design

Do you possess a lot of nice furniture, but still find your home not coming together aesthetically? Does something about the color, light, or tone of your house just not feel right? Does it seem like repainting the walls and buying new furniture won’t help? 

There’s a good chance that the problem isn’t because of anything you did wrong furniture-wise, but because of the excess clutter around your house. 

The fundamentals of color theory indicate that less is truly more — considering that “less” is well designed. The best color schemes out there involve two or three colors — whether complementary, analogous, or triadic — spaced out throughout your room. 

If certain rooms in your home just don’t feel right, there’s a good chance that the bric-a-brac around your house is throwing the whole mood off. You might have designed your room in perfect earth tones, but that doesn’t mean that excess red books, blue coasters, and purple blankets won’t throw off the way that your room looks. 

When you declutter, you strip back the excess layers of fat on your house and discover the beautiful home that lays at its core. This doesn’t mean you need to live like a monk, after you get rid of your excess clutter, you can figure out which knick-knacks improve the look of your room, rather than make it look worse. 

You’ll Feel Better

Clutter can impact your health. . . and not just your mental health either. A cluttered house leads to more frustration, more visual distraction, and less focus.

This can lead to an increase in stress, which pumps the hormone cortisol into the body. Excess cortisol can lead to heart problems. 

Now, are we saying that you’re going to have a heart attack if you don’t declutter your house? No, of course not. However, you’ll notice that your stress level will rapidly decrease once you clean up around the house. 

Your external space for living and working acts as a metaphor for the way things are going on inside your head. If every day you wake up to a house that represents chaos, disorder, and distress, you’re likely going to internalize these emotions.  

It might seem hard to throw away some of the things that you’ve acquired in order to declutter. Our “things” feel alive to us, and we gain a certain attachment to them, even if we haven’t used them in years.

However, as you do it, remind yourself that our “rooms” feel alive to us just as much as our things do. Though that “thing” might feel tough to throw away, you’re doing it in service of your “room feeling fantastic to be in. 

When all of your rooms feel fantastic to be in, you turn your house into a home. 

You Can Find Some Old Things

There’s nothing better than finding one of those old things that you thought you lost, and there’s no better way to find said things than to comb through your house completely. 

How often do you get to completely look through your house? Sure, you might clean it often, but usually, cleaning doesn’t involve getting in every single nook and cranny. 

When you get rid of the excess things that you have in your house, you can find old things that you thought were gone entirely. 

You Can Hire a Service 

We also understand that some of you out there aren’t philosophically opposed to cleaning up a house. You might just not want to put in the effort it takes to declutter.

It’s a tougher job than it seems. You have to figure out what to keep, what to throw away, what to move to another room, and what you want your house to look like post-declutter. You also have to deal with uncovering dust, which is always a nuisance for people with allergies. 

If you’re looking to go minimal with your house, hiring an organizing service is one of the best things you can do. You’ll gain all of the benefits of decluttering without any of the drawbacks. 

The best organizing services out there can handle taking care of your house in many different ways. You can also hire them out for handyman services and cleaning services. It’s crucial to get your house cleaned after you revamp it, so you know what it looks like in its newfound glory. 

Declutter A Home and Embrace the Minimalist Philosophy 

If you’ve been wondering how and why to declutter a home, make it easy for yourself, and hire a great home organizing service. They can help your design come together, help improve your mood and help find some old things that you thought you lost. 

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