The kids are back in school! Set yourself up for a great year with fewer arguments and less stress for everyone with these strategies:

  1. Connect your family…with Google calendar, or family organizing apps like Hub Family Organizer or Cozi to help keep everyone on schedule and in-the-know of who’s where when.
  2. Carry your shopping plan…to shop for school supplies as you go. And stock up on those items you know you’ll need mid-year; office supplies are cheapest this time of year.
  3. Designate the Family Command Center. Declare a space for all papers that need reviewing and signing. They get set and picked up here, not buried on the kitchen counter under the newspapers.
  4. Prep the night before. Pack lunches and backpacks. Lay out clothes. Set socks and shoes by the front door for running out to meet the bus.
  5. Plan your meals…for the week. Put your menu together, do the shopping and as much prep as possible, so the weeknights aren’t stretched thin with having to cook…or sit in a drive-through line.
  6. Set up a snack bowl…with heathier grab-and-go snacks. Bags of nuts. Whole fruit. Grape tomatoes. Baggies of cut vegetables or popcorn. Protein bars with low sugar. Running in, running out, the snack basket is a hunger crusher!
  7. Stash some gifts…for the birthday parties you just heard about or the snacks Little Johnny needs to bring to gymnastics this week. Pick up a few universally-well-received birthday gifts or treats for keeping on hand to avoid running out to the store at the last minute.
  8. Find YOUR Zen. Plan time on your schedule to exercise. Meet a friend for lunch. Sit with a cup of tea for a few minutes when you arrive at work. What helps you be at your best? Do it! How do you get some downtime for yourself? Our customers know! They hire Organize It to take care of their regular cleaning chores. SMART!

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