Can I request a certain day and time to have my cleaning? 

While yes, we will work with you to choose an “ideal” appointment time for your scheduled cleaning, the conditions of this program will require you to still maintain flexibility and the understanding that your cleaning may be moved on short notice. 

Is participation in this program indefinite? 

Participation in our flex client program is only valid for 6 months at which time we may choose to either extend or suspend your flex client status based on availability. We will ask you to resubmit your subscription. 

Can I book monthly or occasional cleanings at this wildly reduced rate? 

We require that you agree to scheduled weekly or bi-weekly cleanings only at this time. This will help us ensure that we have consistent and frequent work for our cleaning techs. 

What if I am unhappy with the amount of reschedules and unpredictability of this program?  Can I opt-out at any time? 

Yes! You may gladly opt-out at any time with no hard feelings on our part, however, you may or may not be able to re-enroll should you change your mind based on availability. 

Can I leave a negative review if I am dissatisfied with the service I received? 

Your enrollment in the Flex Client Program comes with the condition that you will not leave us a  negative review, but will instead, give us the opportunity to make things right on our part, up to and including a free re-cleaning within 2 business days of the original service. Our techs are bound to make some mistakes which is why we depend on you to help us help them get better! Your cleanings will still be 100% guaranteed or we will keep cleaning until we make it right!

Can I tell my friends and family about this program? 

This program is only available to those we have personally selected at this time. 

What if the day and time you move me to doesn’t work with my schedule? 

No problem! We will do our best to move you to a day that works for you, provided that you give us two full business days’ notice. Worst case scenario, we skip your cleaning for that time with no penalty to you. 

Can I skip my cleaning?

We ask that our Flex Clients limit skips to a maximum of 2 skips in 6 months. More than 2 skips could jeopardize your Flex subscription renewal. The program is to help pad/fill the schedule. It is very important to us to keep consistency in our schedule which in turn allows up to retain amazing employees.

What if I need to cancel my appointment last minute? Am I responsible for paying cancellation fees? 

Due to the nature of this program and its purpose of being a “filler” for our schedules, should you need to cancel and give less than two full business days’ notice, you will be responsible for the cost of your cleaning. Please review our Reschedule, Skip & Cancellation Policy: https://organizeitswfl.com/reschedule-your-cleaning/


  1. Select the desired recurring service schedule (Weekly, Bi-weekly).
  2. Based on the selected schedule, we select the day, time, and technician for your cleaning (with notification ahead of time).
  3. If a full-paying client reschedules we will shift your cleaning to fill in any gaps.
  4. Members of this program MUST be flexible and able to accommodate cleanings on the day and time we select to schedule your home cleaning.
  5. Our Flex Homes are sometimes used to shoot Media and Promotional material. We promise not to get any personal info in the pictures. We love to capture the amazing job our Cleaning/Organizing Techs deliver! Here is an example: https://youtu.be/h7YppI7udJQ