Please click the video to watch. We are taking some extra precautions to help keep you and our technician safe during this holiday season.

Here is our Active Touch Point checklist.

Today, in addition to our regular maintenance clean tasks, Sweeps by Organize It is using and has always  used EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants throughout all listed service areas and on the added key touchpoints.

✔ Door panels

✔ Door handles/knobs

✔ Kitchen cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

✔ Bathroom cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

✔ Kitchen appliance handles & dials/touchpad (Oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave)

✔ Kitchen and Bathroom faucets

✔ The exterior of your Keurig/coffee pot and other exterior small appliances on your counters

✔ All light switches & plates throughout your scheduled service areas

✔ Your landline phone(s)

✔ Your TV remotes

✔ Laundry room appliance handles, dials/touch-pads

✔ Stair railings

Your these active touch points have been safely and effectively cleaned and sanitized

Infection Prevention and Control for Bacteria and Virus