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Covid Back-To-School Tips

Active TouchPoint Measurements to Prevent the 

Spread of COVID

✔ Door panels

✔ Door handles/knobs

✔ Kitchen cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

✔ Bathroom cabinet & drawer fronts, handles/knobs

✔ Kitchen appliance handles & dials/touchpad (Oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave)

✔ Kitchen and Bathroom faucets

✔ The exterior of your Keurig/coffee pot and other exterior small appliances on your counters

✔ All light switches & plates throughout your scheduled service areas

✔ Your Cell phone and your kid’s cell phone/tablets

✔ Your TV remotes and gaming controllers 

✔ Laundry room appliance handles, dials/touch-padsStair railings

****Also remember to wipe down your car. Cars have very high touch points. Door handles, steering wheel, gearshift, and all other highly touched areas in your car****

Thank You From All Of Us Here at Organize It


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