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Inspection Manual: 

Go through the entire house:

– Go into each room and close the door to check what’s behind it.

– Look up to see if there are cobwebs; and if the dust was removed from the light fixtures.

– Look down to check for dust balls, if it was vacuumed well. 

– Examine hardwood floors for areas that have not been cleaned.

– Check moldings, tops of picture frames, etc. with your finger.

– Check window sills baseboards

– Check telephones and television screens.

– Check for fingerprints around doors, light switches, thermostats, appliances, etc.

– Look behind and under things like couches and armchair nightstands.

– Lift a few things in each room to make sure the duster got under the items. A good rule of thumb is one or two items per flat surface. Generally, if the first things you lift have been cleaned underneath, it is safe to assume that the objects were lifted throughout the room.

Kitchen and bathrooms:

– Check sinks, especially around drain holes.

– Check mirrors for fingerprints and toothpaste splatters.

– Check all chrome – it should be dry and free of streaks.

– Check the bathtub, shower and shower doors.

– Check soap dishes, bottles, toothbrush holders, etc.

– Check under the toilet lid, the outside front, legs and the line where the toilet meets the floor.

– Check toilet paper: it should be V-folded with the label and the dispenser should be clean.

– Check the corners of the floor and behind the toilet or bathtub.

– Check the feet of tables and chairs for hair. They often adhere to felt pads and need to be hand wiped.

– Check that pillows are properly placed and stretched and that blankets are folded and placed neatly over the back or arm of the sofa/chair.

– Magazines should be straight.

– Towels should be perfectly straight.

– Toilet bottles have been cleaned and straightened with the labels facing out.

– Beds are made.

– Dining room chairs should be perfectly aligned around the table.

You must make sure that technicians do not leave cleaning products or lights on.


Customers won’t notice what you did, but what the technicians didn’t do, unless you go out of your way to do a good inspection and make sure the technicians didn’t miss anything . 

The solution to all of these problems and more is simple: not only does it give the customer visible evidence of what they have spent their money on, but it also prevents them from going looking for missing areas. When they walk in the door and everything feels right, they have no reason to worry that they haven’t invested their money.

We should not redecorate a client’s home or rearrange their furniture. Items should remain in the same general area where you found them. 

Remind technicians to leave the client the checklist with the inspection card. 

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