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Recommendations To Earn 5 Stars

Recommendations to earn 5 stars from your customers.

Make sure that every room you clean looks like it was there when you left it. There are many, many different things you can do that could be rated highly by clients (examples below), but most of it boils down to making things look neater and more accurate and making things sparkle.

In other words, straightening everything up as you go along. Lining up the shoes in a straight line by the door, fanning the magazines on the coffee table, fluffing the pillows, and folding or rolling up the blanket on the back of the couch, making sure the best stuff is done with tight corners and fluffy pillows, etc.

Also, make sure shiny things are shiny: glass-topped tables, chrome faucets, wiping smudges off windows, double-checking mirrors for streaks, etc.

Nothing gets a customer’s attention more than a stain on a shiny surface.

Anything you do to delight a child will quickly earn a place in a parent’s heart. And remember that for customers who don’t have children, their pets are their babies.

Arrange children’s stuffed animals or toys in a fun scene – story scenes where one animal reads a book to the others are very popular, as are action scenes, figures in an epic battle, etc. 

Don’t forget to check everything before you leave, turn off lights, turn off fans, put enough scent throughout the house to make it smell fresh, and be sure to lock the front door.

Always remember to leave the list of tasks that were performed during your visit. 

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