Start living in harmony with a CLEAN home.

For getting the appropriate cleaning service that matches your home needs, 

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From ENTRYWAYS to BEDROOMS and everything in between, our team can take care of all corners of your home.


Our most integrated home cleaning available, this service combines our general clean with additional bonuses that include attention to your home’s surfaces with detail to all cabinets and areas, including the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and stairways. Our team uses various techniques from dusting and wiping to provide a clean living environment.

General Cleaning

Designed to cover the essentials of your home, our curated 50+ checklist assures you’ll arrive to clean and refreshed spaces. Our team will boost the brightness of your living areas by performing a cleaning that includes but is not limited to external kitchen surfaces, baseboards, furniture, mirrors, carpets, garbage removal, and much more. (Special requests welcomed in advance)

Maintenance Cleaning

For the individuals that admire living in clean spaces year-round, we have services available to touch up any blemishes around your home when needed. This option is considered a basic cleaning and consists of dusting and spot cleaning exterior surfaces. Maintenance cleaning can be requested weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


How much does it cost to get your house cleaned?

Estimates for any one of our selected home cleaning services can be calculated using our estimate dialogue box. The price reflected by our system guarantees services will not surpass the maximum amount. Prices do not include special requests made outside our standard guidelines. 

What is included in a regular house cleaning?

For an in-depth view of what our general cleaning service covers, please review our curated 50+ checklist located here. (insert a hyperlink to a general cleaning page)

Is it worth it to hire a cleaning service?

Home cleaning services alleviate the stress of maintaining a tidy home when struggling to balance a full-time schedule, family, and other activities. Our mission is to bring you a home you can live in comfortably and sane. Whether you need a long-overdue cleaning or spot touch-up, our team of cleaning professionals can assist you in extending your home’s life span by providing the quality cleaning it deserves. 

Do house cleaners use their own supplies?

Organize It equips the cleaning team with all the supplies needed to perform a thorough home cleaning. We work using medical-grade odorless cleaning products across all surfaces. Devices, including vacuum cleaners, mops, dusters, are included with the service. We restock materials constantly to ensure a crisp service to each client’s home and prevent cross-contamination.

Do you tip house cleaners?

Our cleaners are the heart and soul of Organize It. We have developed an incentive program to recognize outstanding service provided to our clients with a recognition review. If you provide a review of an outstanding service you receive from any of our cleaners, we will tip them on your behalf. Personal tips to our cleaners are welcomed but not mandatory.

How often should I have my home cleaned?

No two homes are ever the same.  We offer three levels of home cleaning to tailor to our client’s lifestyle and home aesthetic goals. Find out which cleaning best suits you here.

How do cleaning companies ensure they do a quality job?

Our cleaners follow extensive training before entering a client’s home. We design our guidelines to promote a consistent, quality, and timely service each time. We stand by our commitment that if you ever feel dissatisfied with our service, we will try to resolve any discrepancies to the best of our ability before finalizing the service.

What happens if something is broken or damaged?

We understand that things are never perfect, and accidents can occur during the cleaning process. If an object is ever damaged or broken, our procedure works directly with our client to resolve matters as quickly as possible through a repair or replace policy.

What should I do with my pets when you come to clean?

We love our furry friends and enjoy bringing them a clean space they can play around. If you feel your pets are uncomfortable around new people, we recommend relocating them to a secure location during the cleaning process. Some of our clients place their pets in the spare guest bedroom, their doghouse or will take them out to the park.