Happy New Year!

Here at Organize It, we’re excited to help you kick off 2024 the right way – organized and ready to conquer your goals. We all know the usual New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, fix finances, and get organized. Let’s focus on the last one, my personal favorite: getting organized.

1. Begin with Decluttering
Start small with decluttering. Set a 15-minute timer and tackle manageable areas. Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself; it’s about progress, not perfection. Start with clothes – they’re the easiest to sort through. Avoid starting with papers or sentimental items as they can be trickier and more emotional to handle.

2. Set Clear, Consistent Goals
Define your goals clearly. How often do you want to declutter? Daily? Weekly? Consistency is key. Utilize technology to your advantage, like the ‘Streaks’ app, which can help maintain consistency in your daily tasks.

3. Be Realistic with Technology
Use tools and apps that you’re comfortable with. Don’t complicate your process by adopting new technologies that may end up being more of a hindrance than a help. Sometimes, a simple notebook and pen can be the most effective tools.

4. Manage Your Time and Energy
Instead of trying to manage time, focus on managing your energy within the time you have. Tools like ‘The Perfect Week’ can help you allocate your energy efficiently, allowing you to know in advance what to say yes or no to.

5. Tackle Digital Clutter
In our digital age, managing your online presence is crucial. From decluttering your email inbox to sorting out digital files, it’s essential to keep your digital life as organized as your physical one. Check out our ‘Mental Housekeeping’ series for more on managing digital clutter.

6. Regular Maintenance
Regularly schedule time to maintain your organization. Whether it’s decluttering your home, reviewing your goals, or managing your digital life, consistency in maintenance is the key to staying organized.

Remember, organizing is a journey, not a destination. This year, let’s simplify to scale. If you found these tips helpful, don’t forget to subscribe to our Organize It YouTube channel. And if you’re in Southwest Florida and need help decluttering your life, home, or digital space, Organize It is here to help – after all, we are the most organized cleaning company in the world!