Welcome to house selling season! Here are our 5 easy ways to boost your home’s appeal, whether you’re selling your house or just want to fall in love with it all over again:

  1. Half Empty Closets —Empty half of the stuff in every closet, cabinet and drawer. Put the extra stuff out of site, donate or trash it. Tidy and organize what’s left. Loose items go in baskets, not on shelves. Show buyers there’s plenty of storage in this house!
  2. Lighten Up —Change bulbs to a higher wattage and replace dark colored lamp shades with new lighter ones. Clean the windows and open the drapes or blinds, or get rid of dark heavy drapes all together. Paint any dark walls in a light neutral color. Light makes rooms feel bigger and, since most buyers are upgrading, show them they’re getting more of everything, especially space.
  3. Clutter Control — Fewer knick-knacks, pictures, furniture, dishes in the cupboard, clothes in the closet, appliances on the kitchen counter allow buyers to see your beautiful home and not get lost in your stuff. Less is best!
  4. Pet Peeves — You love Fido and Tigger but other people may be allergic, turned off by pet odors, or only seeing the pet hair and not the beautiful hardwood floors. Put feeding bowls, litter boxes and other pet accessories out of sight. Use odor eliminators or candles to remove smells. Shoot for fresh instead of Fido.
  5. Get Tough on Grime —A dirty house signals neglect and makes buyers wary. Be sure every surface is clean, dust and grease free. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products to avoid strong smells and use cleaning tools in new/excellent condition to get the best results.

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