Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Holiday season is coming up so fast and everybody’s in a state of frenzy!  It’s like the days are just whizzing by and we are lagging with our to-do lists. Family and friends gear up for the gatherings and festivities and everybody’s just feeling the holiday spirit! Yay!

But with everything else in our to-do list, house staging AND cleaning have always been chucked way down as the last-minute-to-do-thing which often turns out as a disaster! Well, fear not! You could easily strike that off of your list with the help of Organize IT SWFL. We know what you want and we do want you to enjoy this holiday season without worrying about the tedious part of house cleaning. 

Organize IT SWFL definitely got your back on this one! We can help prepare your lovely home for your parties and we can also be there for you AFTER! Rest well in that knowledge so you can enjoy your holidays even more. We will be in charge of your before and after clean-ups, just sign up and we will do the rest! 

And because it’s the season of giving… we are giving out our special HOLIDAY discount of 20% OFF of your general cleaning service. This is an awesome deal you wouldn’t want to miss! Just fill in the details we need so we can send out your quote. See you soon!