Here’s a riddle for you!

What seems to mysteriously grow and multiply, disappear, and yet never goes away?

Clutter!  Yes, Clutter. It can start with just one unopened envelope left on the counter.

Where your clutter is located in your home may say a lot about you.

Living and dining rooms: these are your main entertaining rooms. The clutter here may mean you are hiding your true self from the real world.

Kitchen: The kitchen is often where we dump everything from our daily lives – mail, electronics on chargers, from purses and school bags to dog bowls, vitamins and many other items from our daily lives. All of this clutter in the kitchen can make it difficult to truly nourish yourself and your family.

Hallways: These are the connectors between rooms and represent your ability to flow. Cluttered hallways may mean your life’s path is not clearly defined or thought out.

Bedroom: Clutter in your boudoir may make you feel “wired and tired” and may inhibit intimacy with your partner.

Bathroom: The bathroom is where we pamper ourselves and prepare to face the world. Think about all the products under your sink that you never use. Clutter in this room may mean you lack self worth.

Closets: Closets represent that which is hidden from view. If we stuff our closets we block our ability to use our insight and intuition to “see into” ourselves and situations.

Attic: Attics are typically where we squirrel stuff away that we no longer use or are “saving” for someone or a future event. These things are potentially the most complicated. Attics symbolize our connection to the past and families or ancestors, and also to our higher selves. When you fill your attic with unwanted items, you literally have “stuff hanging over your head” that can make it difficult to resolve issues from your past and grow.

Basement: Like attics, we often look to basements for storage of unwanted or unused items. As in dreams, basements represent the subconscious mind. A cluttered basement can blunt your intuition.

Garage: Cars represent our independence and ability to get around. If there is so much clutter in your garage that you can’t get your car in and out easily, you may feel difficulty moving forward in life.

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